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Guangzhou Xin Sande Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008,It is a professional company specializing in development and manufacture of electric fuel system.

For a long time, Its brand has established itself in the industry by its powerful automotive electrical system development capabilities and has received unanimous approval from its customers.

Our strong momentum in the market has benefited from the company’s close integration of its technological innovation development strategy with its sustainable development goals.

In the future, Its brand will continue to achieve new leaps with efficient and revolutionary innovation and provide more and more extensive solutions for the Japanese automotive aftermarket, satisfying market demands to the maximum extent and providing customers with the highest quality service.

We well received by users,based on our excellent product quality and dedicated service;we introduced advanced technology from Germany and japan and adopted the ISO9000 international quality authentication system to insure high quality products.
Xin Sande Auto Parts

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The main products include: Electronic Fuel Pump,Fuel Pump assembly ,Oxygen Sensor,Fuel Filter,Ignition coil,Auto sensor,spark plug,VVT ,Fuel injector ,Fuel Pressure Regulator,Master power window switch,Idle Air control valve ,Ignition coil cable,Idle speed control valve ,oil pressure sensor,all parts of GM Items

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We continue to increase the length of the product line, introduce new products, deepen the depth of the product line, increase the variety of the existing products, and finally provide the most systematic solution. Strictly control the quality of products, participate in OEM supply, and expand the output scale, not only improve the market share, but also reduce the cost, thus improving the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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With excellent quality and innovative technology, meets the latest development needs of automotive electrical systems. The development of all our products is synchronized with the OEM, ensuring that it is the best solution provider in the industry at all times.

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