Fuel Filters-Automotive Components That Are Easily Overlooked


When it comes to fuel filters, I believe many car owners are relatively unfamiliar. Although its popularity is not high, its role cannot be ignored. It can clear the total harmful substances in the engine fuel system, reduce engine wear and blockage. The following is a brief introduction to the fuel filter.

First, the role of fuel filters
The role of the fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from blocking (especially the fuel injection nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation and improve reliability.

Why should I change the fuel filter?
As we all know, gasoline is refined from crude oil through a complex process, and then transported to various refueling stations through special routes, and finally into the fuel tank of the owner. In this process, the impurities in gasoline will inevitably enter the fuel tank. In addition, the impurities will increase with the use of time. In this way, the filter for filtering fuel will become dirty and full of dross, and the filtering effect will be greatly reduced if it continues.
Therefore, it is recommended to change the mileage. If you do not change or delay the change, it will definitely affect the performance of the car, resulting in poor oil roads, weak refueling of the car, etc., and eventually lead to chronic damage to the engine and even overhaul.

How often is the fuel filter replaced?
The replacement cycle of a car's fuel filter is generally around 10,000 kilometers. For the best replacement time, refer to the instructions in the vehicle manual. Generally, the replacement of the fuel filter is carried out when the car is undergoing major maintenance, and it is replaced at the same time as the air filter and the oil filter. This is what we call "three filters" in daily life.
Regular replacement of the "three filters" is a key way to maintain the engine, and it is extremely important to reduce engine wear and ensure its service life.

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