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  • What Is Crankshaft Position Sensor?

Crankshaft position sensor is the signal source to control ignition timing and confirm crankshaft position.


The crankshaft position sensor is used to detect the crankshaft speed and crankshaft angle signal of the engine, and it is also the signal source to measure the engine speed.


The information and data provided by the crankshaft sensor are used by the engine control unit behind the transmission. This kind of information and data transmission can ensure to improve the efficiency of injection timing and ignition timing, which will help to extend the service life of the vehicle and engine performance.


Crankshaft position sensor is one of the main components of vehicle engine system, and also one of the important components to deal with its own quality management. This component exists in almost all modern cars with internal combustion engines.


  • Looking For Crankshaft Position Sensor Manufacturer?

Guangzhou Xin Sande Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of crankshaft position sensors. We provide high quality crankshaft position sensors.


We provide more accurate and efficient manufacturing and service according to customers' drawings. And we have a professional QC team to ensure that your products are better.


We strictly control the quality in the manufacturing process of crankshaft position sensor to ensure the production of the best quality products.


  • The Replacement ProcessOf Crankshaft Position Sensor

The crankshaft position sensor transmits the key information to the computer management system of the vehicle. The sensors provide the management system with the information needed to control the ignition timing and let the computer know when spark and fuel need to be provided.


If there is no crankshaft position sensor with normal function, the computer management system will not be able to receive these key information, and the vehicle will either fail to start or stop while you are driving.


If you determine that your crankshaft position sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced, you can try to complete this operation by self installation, so as to reduce the overall replacement cost of the crankshaft position sensor.


The main steps to replace the crankshaft position sensor include removing the release plug, finding the position of the crankshaft in your vehicle, clearly contacting the crankshaft position sensor, checking the position of the sensor and removing the connection, and loosening the electrical connection.


After completing these steps, you can remove the mounting bolt of the sensor, remove the crankshaft position sensor, match the new sensor with the sensor that was rarely replaced before, install the new position sensor, fix it with the bolt seat, re insert the electrical connection, replace it with the component removed for access, and re connect the battery.


Choose Xin Sande's crankshaft position sensor to escort your driving.


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