To Test The Quality Of Ignition Coil Good Or Not


There are several ways to judge the quality of the ignition coil :


1. When starting the engine, the primary cold end has a jump of between 12 v-- and 0 v, which can be tested with a pointer multimeter voltage profile, watch the needle swing, digital table number change frequently not easy to observe, so the secondary should have high voltage generation, the spark plug will jump fire, but this does not necessarily confirm the normal operation of the ignition coil, because there are high voltage leakage, mild secondary inter-turn short circuit, branch discharge and so on. If there is no spark, the ignition coil is broken - primary break, short circuit, secondary turn serious short circuit, inter-stage leakage, etc .- when difficult suspected drive waveform rounded.

2. For the ignition coil of the internal hidden ignition drive module, if the engine computer is sent to the 0 v--5v of the ignition coil control end, the jump pulse is normal, the ground wire is normal, the power supply is normal, and no spark indicates that the ignition coil assembly is damaged. If there is a spark, most of the good, but do not rule out leakage, contact virtual, fire jump weak, energy shortage, high voltage reduction, high-speed magnetizing current shortage, magnetizing time-closure angle problem.

3. Remove detection ignition coil, DC detection: primary resistance -0.5~1.2ω. Secondary resistance 1 kω~6 kω, If there is a high-voltage anti-error jump diode inside, use pointer table 10 k gear, one-way conduction; note that some ignition coil sub-level break phenomenon, but loading normal, that is high-voltage over the additional short-circuit can continue to use. The primary and secondary waveforms are observed by oscilloscope.

4. Pull out the high-voltage line at the spark plug, so that the high-voltage line is about 1.5 cm from the car body, connect the starter, if there is a blue discharge spark, then the ignition coil is good.

5. In addition, the ignition coil can not be measured with a rocker meter, especially a good ignition coil, must not be measured with a rocker meter, because the rocker meter output voltage is very high, easy to break through the insulation layer in the ignition coil. The primary resistance is about 1.1-2.3 ohm and the secondary resistance is about 4000-11000 ohm. The values measured are of little reference value. Many interlaminar breakdowns are short-circuited.

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