What Are The Symptoms Of A Broken Ignition Coil?


Once the ignition coil is abnormal, the spark plug will not work, and then the gas mixture of this cylinder will not deflagrate. When the vehicle loses a cylinder, the lack of power is normal.
Generally, when the ignition coil is severely deteriorated, there will be a lack of cylinder, and it will be accompanied by an engine failure alarm.

Those who have apparently failed, but the car has no alarm behavior, may be because the failure is not serious. Once this situation is in a state of rapid acceleration, it is easy to detect.
The previous car had only one ignition coil, which was ignited by the distributor to each cylinder. If the ignition coil is broken, it is impossible to drive.
Now every car has an ignition coil in each cylinder, and the bad one can run without a cylinder.
For car owners, if you want to make the ignition coil have a longer life, you should pay attention to the use of spark plugs on the one hand, the use of aging spark plugs will increase its workload, and pay attention to the car's water temperature, the car's ignition coil with high water temperature is easy to burn out.
In fact, the damage of the ignition coil is relatively easy to judge. When the vehicle suddenly moves abnormally when the engine is driving (after driving for a long distance), it is also accompanied by a significant lack of power. At this time, you must consider the possibility of ignition. Problems with the coils.

Judging the quality of automobile ignition coils
1. In the idling state, the body shakes obviously. Observe the exhaust pipe mouth, the exhaust gas flow from the car has obvious intermittent, at the same time the exhaust pipe shakes severely, and you can clearly hear the "burst" sound.

2. During driving, when the speed is below 2500 rpm, the body has obvious jitter, and the acceleration is weak; when the speed exceeds 2500 rpm, the jittering feeling disappears.

3. Open the engine cover, observe the running engine, and find that the engine has obvious jitter. This kind of jitter is obviously not a jitter under normal engine operating conditions, and the amplitude of the jitter is large.

4. If only one ignition coil fails, the remaining three cylinders work normally, barely emergency driving is not a problem, but it is very unfavorable to the car's engine, frame and connecting parts. Professional auto repair masters will recommend that the owner temporarily stop using the cylinder-less vehicles. If more than 1 cylinder of the ignition coil is burned out, it is recommended to stop driving immediately.

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